COVID Reminders

This is a reminder to follow all established Bush School COVID guidelines. The most up to date guidelines can be found at the bottom of this page. In addition, please note following points specifically with regard to the Telescope & Astronomy cascade

Cascade related COVID precautions

  1. All participants including faculty, students, parents/guardians, and guests will follow masking, social distancing, and other guidelines established by The Bush School while on campus

  2. The nature of this cascade will require us to use shared equipment. Wherever possible, technology and other procedural steps have been taken to ensure touchless & remote operation of all te;escopic equipment and accessories. In cases where handing common equipment is necessary, faculty and students will take the necessary steps to wipe down surfaces before use.

  3. Faculty can provide devices for students who do not have access to one. Shared iPads, Tablets etc, will need to be wiped down after use. However, students encouraged to bring their own mac/android tablets or smart phones for use to avoid sharing as much as possible.

  4. Seek assistance of faculty before wiping down surfaces as some accessories can be damaged by cleaning substances.

  5. Please use provided sanitizers to sterilize your hands to prevent contamination and transmission